We Busted 10 Kitchen Myths That Our Mothers Often Swore By

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Myth № 6: To cut onions without crying, you need to dip the knife in cold water.

We tend to have a lot of trouble cooking with onions: either they fall apart when we try to cut them, or they make us cry our eyes out. It is advised to cut onions with a wet knife, wetting it from time to time while chopping them.

This advice generally works, but it all depends on the “stinging” of the onion and the sensitivity of your eyes. We still had a hard time trying not to cry, despite all the measures being taken. Additionally, dunking your knife in water every minute is not particularly convenient.

Conclusion: it generally works.

Myth № 7: To make potatoes easy to peel after cooking, they should be left for a couple of minutes in ice cold water.

When potatoes are boiled and drained of excess water, we usually give them some time to cool down and only then, proceed to peel them. But this is no fun: the peel doesn’t want to come off and is always sticking to your fingers!

In order to facilitate the procedure, you can follow this technique: Boil potatoes and then dip them in ice cold water for a couple of minutes before cleaning them. And it works fine — the potatoes cool down properly, and thanks to the moisture, the peel is cleaned without any problems.However, there are a few “buts” here: the vegetables become a bit watery and don’t cook as well this way. Although, we did not notice a big difference either in appearance or in taste. Perhaps we just don’t know how to cook?

Conclusion: it works.

Myth № 8: To quickly cool a hot drink, you need to place it in a basin containing ice sprinkled with salt.

Simple physics work here: when salt is added, the ice melts, but its temperature decreases. This mixture is capable of cooling a hot drink in a matter of minutes — our compote almost turned into ice in about five minutes.

Conclusion: it works.

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