We Busted 10 Kitchen Myths That Our Mothers Often Swore By

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Myth № 3: To make a dirty pan easy to clean, you need to boil saline solution in it.

Old cookbooks advise housewives to clean a burnt pan in the following way: add some water, a lot of salt and boil it all together. Alas, this advice did not ease the unfortunate fate of our poor saucepan: the dirt remained exactly as it was. In addition, such a caustic slurry of salt can be harmful to stainless steel.

There turned out to be a much more effective and easy way to clean a dirty pan: soak it in warm water, leave it that way overnight, and in the morning it will be much easier to clean, no matter how messy it was.

Conclusion: does not work.

Myth № 4: To keep your hands and dishes from smelling like fish, you need to rinse them with cold water, and then wipe them with vinegar or lemon.

It is difficult to get rid of the smell of fish, and even detergents do not always help. The good old advice works best here: rinse the surface with running water and then wipe them with lemon juice. A weak solution of vinegar also helps to solve this problem.

Conclusion: it works.

Myth № 5: To prevent cheese from getting stale, you need to store it in parchment paper instead of plastic wrap.

When sold, cheese is usually wrapped in plastic, and many store it in it as well. But they say that parchment paper is much better suited for storing food items, including cheese.

One piece of cheese we packed with plastic wrap and the other, with parchment paper; and then left them in the refrigerator for three days. The result surprised us: The cheese that we wrapped in the paper was very dry and became stale while the one in plastic wrap, on the other hand, remained unharmed.

Perhaps the best advice would be to eat cheese as soon as possible before it starts to deteriorate.

Conclusion: does not work.

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