These 15 Wealthy Celebrities Refuse To Help Their Poor Siblings

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When it comes to being a celebrity, it seems like there are some things that come with the territory. There may be long hours and tons of paparazzi, but there’s also plenty of money. Many celebrities will use this money to not only improve their own lives, but to improve the lives of their families as well. However, many of the celebrities on this list choose to keep their money to themselves rather than helping their siblings get into a higher tax bracket. Click through the list to see which celebrities don’t want to share. cool stuff, cool stuff


Halle Berry’s sister may not be destitute, but it’s very clear that she’s getting no help whatsoever from her sister. Halle has spoken publicly about growing up with an alcoholic and abusive father and how it affected her. Halle’s sister denied the claims and said that their father only drank socially and never abused them. The sisters have been estranged ever since.


Madonna is apparently worth more than $1 billion due to her prolific music career. She has more money than she could ever possibly spend, but that doesn’t mean that she’s going to spend it to help a sibling. Her brother Anthony Ciccone is so poor that he’s homeless. He’s struggled with drugs and alcohol and has been in and out of jail. cool stuff, cool stuff


Before Prince died, he had stopped doing anything to help his sister Tyka. In the beginning, he pulled strings to get her a record deal, but instead of focusing on music, she turned to drugs. In desperation to keep feeding her addiction, she became a sex worker. That was when Prince decided to cut ties with her and stop helping her. cool stuff, cool stuff

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