Mother Nature Was in a Creative Mood When She Made These 13 Gorgeous Insects

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Insects appeared on our planet approximately 400 million years ago and managed to survive through all the natural disasters. Some of us think that they’re not very pleasant, but this is far from true. Don’t you believe us?

Primefresh gathered for you photographs of wonderful creatures that look like they’re from another planet.

1. Acraga coa

A very unusual larva that can be confused with a moving crystal gives birth to a fluffy moth. It can be found in Central and South America and the Carribean. It feels very comfortable in the wet forests.

2. Glasswing butterfly (Greta oto)

This almost transparent butterfly also lives in Central and South America. Their wings don’t contain the bright coloration that is common among other types of butterflies, and their unusual appearance helps to disguise them more easily.

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