8 Awesome Phone Secrets Few People Know About

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It’s no secret that life becomes easier when you have a phone in your hand. Different apps come in handy and save you precious time in various situations. However, your favorite gadget has many features you haven’t discovered or heard of yet.

Primefresh gathered some interesting phone settings that will make your gadget work more productively.

8. Fast charging

If your phone battery is running low and you don’t have much time to wait, Airplane Mode is your best option. Your battery will charge much faster than usual.

Another way to prolong the charge is to install a dark background on your main screen so that automatic pixel highlighting shuts off and the battery lives longer.

7. Instantly delete text

No, you don’t have to hold backspace and wait. iPhone and iPad owners can use the Shake to Undofeature to instantly delete all the text you’ve just typed. Just shake your phone, and tap Undo. This is how the magic happens.

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