5 Common Reasons You’re Gaining Weight at Work

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Many people with a desk job inevitably face the problem of gaining weight. Sitting at your desk for many hours can have bad physiological effects on your body.

Primefresh weighed in on why you’re putting on the pounds at work and what you can do to stop it from happening.

Eating for the company, even when you’re full

A coworker’s birthday, homemade cookies, and grandma’s signature cake are the main reasons you put on some weight at work. You might not even notice how those small slices on your plate turn into extra inches on your waist.

Decision: When a delicious piece of food is put on display, people are going to eat more often. You can use jars in the kitchen to hide all the tempting candy. Or just learn to say “no” politely when coworkers offer you a snack.

You’re not eating mindfully

You plan an eating routine for the whole day in the early morning. A healthy lunch in the cafe is a part of your plan. When lunchtime comes, you realize that hunger is torturing you. The day has been long and hard, and you can’t say “no” to the idea of ordering pizza. But you promise that tomorrow you’ll stick to the healthy eating routine. Sounds familiar?

Decision: Make a list of everything you eat for one week. This method helps you track the times when you interrupt your ration plan and be strategic about it. You can also bring healthy snacks to work to avoid overeating.

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