15 Cooking Tricks Passed Down From the Most Prominent Chefs

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  • Cutting an onion can be simple if you first split it in two, trim off the tip and the root, make some horizontal cuts, and follow with some lengthway cuts. The amount of cuts depends on the desired size of the cubes. And finally, cut the onion crosswise.
  • Always dress your salad only after adding salt. Otherwise, oil won’t let the salt dissolve completely.
  • One trick that won’t let your pasta stick together is to use as much water as possible. Take at least 34 fl oz (1 liter) of water for 4 oz (100 gr) of “dry” pasta and you’ll get perfect results.

  • The secret of the perfect dough for sweet pastries is simple: the flour’s weight should equal the sugar’s weight, and the eggs’ weight should equal the butter’s weight.
  • To cook soft and smooth mashed potatoes, add some milk and some baking soda on the tip of a knife and whip 2-3 minutes.
  • You can get juicier citrus fruits by placing them under hot water or heating them in a microwave and tightly rolling them in your hand.

  • Use a wooden stick to check whether or not frying oil is hot enough. If you see bubbles around the stick, it means it’s time to start cooking.
  • For unsticky rice, roast it in a frying pan with a bit of vegetable oil and then add water to boil. If you want to add a light garlic odor, add one clove of garlic and remove it once the rice is cooked.
  • If you’re planning on serving pasta with sauce, don’t add oil to the water, as it won’t let the sauce saturate the paste with its taste.
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