15 Celebrities Who’ve Changed Beyond Recognition

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We’re used to the images of our favorite celebrities and can’t remember them looking any different. Yet sometimes they change almost beyond recognition throughout their careers.

We at Primefresh can’t help but marvel at how some stars looked in their younger years.

15. Alec Baldwin

The Baldwins are a whole dynasty of actors: Alec’s brothers are all in the business. The actor began his career in a soap opera, but he also acted on Broadway.

14. Courteney Cox

For most of us, Courteney will always remain our beloved Monica from Friends. However, her TV career started much earlier: in 1985 she shot for ads, then entered the sitcom Family Ties, and later the movie Ace Ventura.

13. Jude Law

The actor got his name from the song “Hey Jude”by The Beatles. He started acting in theatre at a very young age, going on to the cinema in the UK. After that, he moved to Hollywood. Now Law is one of the most popular actors and a father of 5.

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