14 Answers to the Question “Why Does Nobody Leave Canada?”

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5. There is a charity organization which supports women who are seriously ill by helping them with cleaning.

The organization “Cleaning For A Reason” is based in the US but it also works in Canada. The point of the project is to provide free cleaning help for women who are focused on fighting serious diseases. This is a beautiful idea. We admire it.

6. Canadian money doesn’t get destroyed by water and it can reveal unexpected secrets.

Canadian money is not just unusual, it’s unbelievable: firstly, nothing will happen to it if you put it in the water. You can even wash it with soap. The secret is that it’s made of plastic instead of paper. Secondly, Canadian dollars have a hidden hologram hidden inside the maple leaf. It’s not a money bill, it’s more of a video game artifact!

Some people also claim that Canadian money smells like classic maple syrup.

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