12 Gestures That Can Make You Less Attractive

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6. A wry smile

For many people this wry smile has become a habit and that’s unfortunate because people perceive it more like sarcasm. Don’t try to imitate bad guys from the movies and don’t hesitate to smile sincerely and openly — you will find many more friends this way!

7. Hand pointed towards the person you’re talking to

Not many people recognize this sign, but you should be careful when you use it anyway. If you’re sitting at a table and talking to a person, don’t place your arm as shown in the photo above. To the person you’re talking to, this may read as “Please, stop talking.” and it doesn’t make you a pleasant conversation partner.

Of course, this rule doesn’t apply to a situation where you want to hold the other person’s hand.

8. Hands on the hips

It’s a pretty aggressive pose and sometimes we take this stance simply because we don’t know where else to put our hands. The signal from this is: “Well, what do you want to tell me? I probably disagree anyway.” It doesn’t really make you want to talk to or trust a person.

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