12 Gestures That Can Make You Less Attractive

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3. Clenched hands

Clenched hands is a mini-version of crossing your arms over your chest and it means: “I want to shut myself off, I’m not here, and that’s none of your business.” Not a very pleasant sign to send to others, right?

4. Hands clenched in a raised position

The hands clenched in this raised position is a modification of the previous gesture, but this one is even worse: the higher you place the arms, the more you want to hide behind them.

5. Slouched posture

Bad posture isn’t only harmful for your health, but also indicates that you’re helpless, self-conscious, and unsatisfied with your life. The same applies to the shuffling gait that is associated with older people.

Straighten your back and raise your legs when you walk. These tips will improve your appearance even more than a new dress.

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