12 Gestures That Can Make You Less Attractive

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Body language appeared long before cosmetics or clothes were invented or before people even had the ability use spoken language. That’s why this instinctual communication method is the main factor that influences how other people perceive us. cool stuff, cool stuff

We at Prime Fresh believe that the world needs more charming people, so here’s a quick guide on body language and gestures that you should not use in order to stay attractive.

1. Hand-gripping wrist gesture

When you grip the other hand behind your back, it sends a strong negative signal to others. This is mostly because we take this posture when we’re moody or angry. And the higher you grab the arm, the more dissatisfied you seem to people. cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Ankle cross

Crossed ankles show that we don’t completely believe in the things we’re talking about. If you also have your hands in your pockets, we bet that no one will pay attention to what you’re saying. cool stuff, cool stuff

When you hide your hands in your pockets, you’re usually trying to hide anxiety. And actually, this gesture has many meanings which are necessary interpret as a whole, but in most cases we just use it when we’re nervous.

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