11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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7. Ray-Ban glasses

  • Case. It is made of leather cloth and has the following characteristics: it is uneven to the touch and has the Ray-Ban logo on the button. There is a firm stamp to the left of the button. The front cover of the case is rough; the back side is softer. There is black velour inside.
  • Lenses. The left lens of all models has Ray-Ban writing which cannot be removed. The right lens has laser engraving either from the inside or the outside.
  • Arms. There is a serial number beginning with RB on the left arm. It also contains the following information: the color of the glasses, the level of dimming, the lens diameter, and the nose bridge size. The right arm contains the model name, the letter marking the producing factory, and the label with the European standards of safety.

6. Converse sneakers

  • Layout. The sole is no less than 1.18 inches high. The back side contains the “ALL STAR“ sign (there is also a star in the middle of the writing, sometimes accompanied by the letter ”R”) and nothing more. Converse sneakers are always sold laced.
  • Tongue tag. The sticker on the reverse side of the tongue is raised to the touch (fake models have only a piece of paper). The upper part has 2 broad stitchings. The tag also has a serial number consisting of 6 characters.
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