11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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Many of us have wasted money on a fake product that pretended to be a genuine brand.

To avoid such a failure next time, primefresh will tell you how to find out if the 11 most faked products are real.

11. Levi’s jeans

  • Back pocket arc, tab, and patch. Arc-shaped stitching on the back pocket is typical of all styles, except the rare Authentics Signature. The Levi’s signature on the tab is written using a lower case “e.“ An upper case ”E” is seen only on exclusive styles or fakes. The serial number on the patch is duplicated to the tissue belt inside.
  • Pins and studs. Pin buttons are made of metal. Their flat top is engraved with the Levi Strauss signature. The reverse side contains the style serial number. Studs are produced with copper (they are also rarely covered with enamel) and have a serial number inside and outside (on the reverse side of the product).

10. Lacoste polo

  • Buttons. They have a variegated color because they are mostly made of mother-of-pearl. The shape is flat and slightly saddle-like in the middle. There are 2 holes for needles (on the upper and lower parts). There is no writing on the button.
  • Label. The green crocodile on the classic styles is stitched separately, and then it is attached. Its location is to the side of the buttons, closer to the lower part (fakers usually forget about it). The crocodile’s body parts are easily distinguished.
  • Side elevations. Men’s T-shirts have small side elevations; women’s ones do not.
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