11 Famous Women Who Proved That You Can Become a Mother Even in Your 40s

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Many people might be surprised to know that scientists have come to the conclusion that the best age for having a child is between 30 and 34. This is the age when social state and health are in perfect balance. However, some people go further and have children after 35.

We at primefresh wanted to know which famous women became mothers in their 40s.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon has 3 children, and she had all of them at later ages: 39, 42, and 45.

When she was young, doctors said that the actress was infertile, so she didn’t use birth control pills for many years. But then she got pregnant unexpectedly, and then twice more. Susan says that she was happy to feel that she was stronger than any diagnosis.

Just look at her attractive children. And Susan is still beautiful at 71 years old.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez didn’t have such an easy time as the previous actress. She’d wanted to have children for a very long time, but nature didn’t let her. Jennifer had to use in vitro fertilization. With this method, the egg is extracted from the body, gets fertilized in a lab, and then it is returned to the womb when it’s clear that the embryo is developing correctly.

Jennifer wasn’t successful with her first attempt, but now she is raising wonderful twins. She had them when she was 38.

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