10 Things That Shouldn’t Be Dumped Down the Drain

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People often dump something down the drain and don’t even think about the consequences. Do you know which things should never be thrown in there? We recommend reading this list and memorizing it once and for all. cool stuff, cool stuff

In this article, Prime Fresh will tell you about the things you should never put down the drain and about the consequences it might lead to, if you do. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Rice and pasta

Pasta and rice absorb water over time and become much bigger than before. And it takes a lot of time for them to dissolve in water, which could easily result in a clogged drain.

2. Eggshells

People think that if you break eggshell into small parts, it won’t get stuck, but that’s not entirely true. Small pieces can get stuck to one another which could result in the formation of one huge piece over time and lead to a clog.

3. Flour

Imagine flour and water combining inside your drain and making a glue-like mixture. This mixture can attract other waste and form a huge clog. cool stuff, cool stuff

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