10 Powerful Psychology Tricks to Get What You Want

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Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we can barely control our actions. In this case, it doesn’t refer to emotional outbursts but rather situations where someone tries to intrude in your mind and change things there.

Primefresh describes powerful tricks of psychological influence that will help you recognize situations where someone is trying to manipulate or trick you. Now that you know them, you’ll be able to avoid any mind trap.

10. Sensationalism and urgency

The urge to be part of a community is an essential primitive need. Hotel booking websites very often use this trick. When they notify people, the following phrases are most commonly used: Only one room left; The same room has just been booked; 2 people are watching this ad now. In 90% of the situations, it’s a trick.

9. Mixing facts and opinions

The main task of any manipulator is to put you into an illusory environment so that you won’t notice the manipulation but perceive it as a set of circumstances. For example, if you need to fire someone, first you’ll show that he’s a bad worker. Dismissal would seem natural if the work is done badly. Don’t get caught up in it. Evaluate your work performance from the side.

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