10 People Who Look Incredibly Youthful for Their Age

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While humanity is trying to reveal the secret of youth, some inhabitants of the planet don’t bother at all because they look as if the source of eternal youth shoots up in their backyard. They’re already accustomed to being asked to show their passport to prove their age, but hardly any of them expected to wake up famous on the Internet thanks to their unfading appearance.

Primefresh admires people for whom the years remain just numbers. And remember: staying young at any age is a real possibility.

Chuando Tan, 50 years old

This photographer from Singapore was engaged in the modeling business. Even now it’s easy to mistake him for a young model: this 50-year-old man amazes with his perfectly smooth skin and young fit body.

Masako Mizutani, 49 years old

Former Japanese model Masako Mizutani is not called “eternally young” for nothing: this mother of two doesn’t look her 49 years at all. Now she has a blog and doesn’t hide the secrets of her spectacular appearance: sound sleep, proper nutrition, no bad habits, vitamin E, and facial massage.

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